International Journal of Physiotherapy (IJPHY)

Free Accessible

International Journal of Physiotherapy is an open-access journal, with no subscription charges. The main aim of IJPHY is to share the knowledge and produce quality research papers based on international standards.

All content published in International Journal of Physiotherapy is made freely available online to all under an Open-Access model. By the definition of the Budapest Open Access Initiative, all content published by the IJPHY is made free to users without any subscription or other charges. Users are permitted to read, download, copy, distribute, print, search, or link to the full text of these articles, or use them for any other lawful, non-commercial purpose.

Manuscript Processing

International Journal of Physiotherapy (IJPHY) publishes all its journals in a fully open access format which is easily accessible throughout the world for the scientific community. The collection of Manuscript Processing Charges from the author or authors' Institute or research funding bodies/sources is that IJPHY does not have any other source of income, and it needs to cover the cost of the production and its maintenance. There are no submission charges.

Manuscript Processing Charges

For authors in India 7500 and authors from overseas US$450, there are no other hidden charges.

Mode of payment

Upon successful manuscripts, the author will receive payment details via email.

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